Superhero Andrew Russell, family, friends and supporters

My heart is overwhelmed with joy following the Dec. 4 fundraiser for local superhero Andrew Russell’s 10th year cancerversary. It was truly a blessing and an honor to be a part of this event and if you weren’t there, you missed the opportunity to enjoy basking in the presence of someone with the sweetest demeanor, most beautiful smile and kindest heart.

​Being a superhero is a big job, and being the parents to a superhero is a huge responsibility as well. The two special people tasked with looking after our hero, Michael and Misty, not only want to care for Andrew, but to teach him to care for others as well. Instead of just enjoying the well-deserved and well-earned celebration for their family, Michael and Misty wanted to use the gala as a platform to teach Andrew what it means to help others, irrelevant to all the help and support he needs so often for himself.

​​Andrew was asked what has been the most helpful coping mechanism throughout this journey and without hesitation, he responded with “Camp Esperanza.” Camp E is a weeklong camp specifically for children from ages 6-15 that are dealing with cancer. Held once a year, each summer in Dallas, Andrew decided that he wanted to raise money to send another child to camp as his way to give back and with hopes it would help them the same way the camp has helped him. To raise the money for this, we auctioned off two original masterpieces painted by none other than Andrew, one of the paintings was purchased by Kason Crisp and the other was purchased for Gabe Millsap.

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