The perks of growing older

Who says getting older doesn’t have its privileges? Regardless of where you live, seniors qualify for a wide range of discounts and related benefits.

These perks are offered by retailers, restaurants, transportation providers and senior organizations. They range from free coffee to discounts of all kinds. Some discounts are well-known. Others may be available, but are only extended upon request. Regardless, all have the potential to help make your Golden Years a bit more affordable!

There are a number of dedicated websites (;,;) that track businesses offering senior discounts. All feature information on age requirements and other limitations that might apply.

Alongside healthcare costs, groceries are probably the largest percentage of a senior’s monthly budget. To help offset this, some stores offer “buy one get one free days” for seniors. To find them and other specials, look in grocery store flyers and newspaper ads. Other stores may offer a free senior membership club for which you must sign up.

The following is a brief list of senior discounts. It is by no means complete. Also, remember that discount policies often vary by location and are subject to change without notice. It is recommended that you ask in advance to avoid misunderstandings.

Restaurant Discounts

·         Applebee’s (60+): 10-15%; varies by location.

·         Arby’s (55+): 10% off or free drink; varies by location.

·         A&W All American Food: 10%; varies by location.

·         Boston Market (65+): 15%; varies by location.

·         Burger King (60+): 10%; additional discounts on coffee and soft drinks.

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