Got any prepper buddies?

One difficulty that many people preparing for emergencies experience is that as far as they know, nobody else on earth is doing it.

That isn’t true. Texas has a population of about 25 million people, and I personally know of a dozen or two who are preparing for emergencies. That may sound funny, but it isn’t supposed to be funny.

Many people who are making preparations for emergencies just don’t tell anybody else. They reason that if the word gets out, everybody who didn’t prepare will converge on their doorstep if and when an emergency occurs. And you know, they might be right?

I look at preparing for an emergency the same way I look at insurance. I hope I won’t ever need it, but I want to have it in case I do. It isn’t very expensive to put away three months’ worth of food. That’s my personal goal, because if any emergency lasts longer than three months, it’s unlikely that I’ll survive it. It’s also a personal goal because it isn’t too expensive, and I can actually do it.

I’d like to have some prepper buddies, so we could share the cost of prepping. All of us could put away three months of food. All of us could specialize in another aspect of preparation and share that among us.

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