Tablets for Disaster

For most older folks, the word “tablet” brings to mind some kind of vitamin. For younger folks, a “tablet” looks like an overgrown cell phone. This is the kind of tablet we’ll talk about here.

A tablet is an electronic box into which I can place numerous digital tools called “apps” – short for “applications” or small computer programs. A tablet is basically a small computer with a “touch screen,” meaning you interact with it by touching your fingertips to the glass face of the tablet.

There are tens of thousands of apps. One of the best places to get them is the “Google Play Store.” Your tablet connects by radio waves called “Wi-Fi” to nearby Wi-Fi sources. Many restaurants, motels, and businesses have their own Wi-Fi, so you take your tablet there with you. Ask for their password, select their unique Wi-Fi name, type in the password, and your tablet searches for their Wi-Fi connection.

Once you have their Wi-Fi connection, you search for “Google Play Store” by typing it in and pressing the Search button. The screen of your tablet will fill with images, each representing an app. Search again for “Emergency” and you’ll get a screen full of “emergency” apps.

Sound difficult? It isn’t. A kid can do it. I know, because a kid showed me how. I think he got a kick out of watching Grandpa play with his tablet!

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