Treasures from the Quinlan Museum

Photographer Bobby Baumgardner has donated the original pictures he took of the Quinlan football team from 1971 to 2000. He also donated to the museum the names of the players and the football schedule for these years.

On display in the museum under glass-topped tables are pictures of the 1929 and 1950-1951 football teams.

We welcome you to visit the Quinlan Museum and see the pictures of the early Quinlan football teams. We also have scrapbooks in the library of former football players; Lamoine Vance, who became a boxer and Hobart Wade Lytal who played basketball at Austin College and retired as the Athletic Director of Irving School District.

From copies of Greenville newspaper on microfilm in the Greenville Library records I have compiled some of the history of the Quinlan football teams.

A six-man football team was organized in the Quinlan School by Mr. R.R. Hartman, Superintendent, and Mr. H.C. Crane, who was the Principal and Coach. H.C. Crane was the football coach from 1925 to 1927. Herman Browning was a player for the early football team in Quinlan. In 1952, when football was discontinued at Quinlan, Herman Browning was a coach.

1931 — Quinlan had an 11-man team.

Oct. 6, 1931 “Yannigans To Play Quinlan

Greenville Hi Yannigans To Journey To Quinlan This Afternoon”

Coach Franka (Greenville) announced Monday afternoon that his Yannigan squad would go to Quinlan this afternoon for a gridiron contest with the Quinlan High School. Milford Land, a member of last year’s Greenville High School 11 has been coaching the Yannigans and will carry them on their trip this afternoon.

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