A Man Called Mr. Quinlan

From left to right, Earnest Upchurch III, Earnest Upchurch, Sr., and Earnest Upchurch the III inside the Century 21 Upchurch Real Estate lobby.

He couldn’t help but walk into a food establishment or a corner store and be recognized as the man whose volunteering and contribution to the housing market helped shape the city of Quinlan.

Sometimes addressed as Mr. Quinlan, Earnest Upchurch managed to make waves in the community with his passion of buying and selling homes, fixing them up and doing it all over again.

With his wife, Gena, she and Earnest would volunteer and participate in city focused events and affairs that helped to make the city what it is today, whether it was to help promote the city to bring in businesses, focus on roadways, or simply serve the community at large with his hobby of buying and selling homes.

Earnest has been in the real estate industry since the 1980’s. It was during that time that he got his real estate license and a few years later helped to start Century 21 Upchurch Real Estate.

“Our first office was opened … the little corner store that is next to a little house off Highway 276… we opened up there in a mobile home. It was a mobile home that we actually started out of. Then we built the building that’s there now. We’ve been all over town,” said Earnest.

Before coming to Texas, Earnest spent his childhood in Eutaw, Alabama. Earnest in his high school Junior year also won State raising corn, an honor that he still recalls from his childhood.

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