Quinlan Police Officer recognized for Community Service

Quinlan Police Officer Jorge Herrerra was honored with a Certificate of Merit during the Jan. 14 Quinlan City Council Meeting. For putting in extra effort to help a citizen that was in need and using his own resources, Herrera was recognized for his dutiful service to the community and to the police department. Quinlan Police Chief Johnny Thornburg presented the award.

The certificate reads “The Quinlan Police Department Standard Operating Procedure provides that this award may be awarded to police officers, as well as non-sworn personnel, for outstanding or superior performance of any assignment, but such performance to be clearly defined as exceptional, placing them well above other officers or non-sworn personnel. The listed officer, while responding to a routine call for service, saw a family in need and gave unselfishly to bring necessary quality of life implements to a household and citizens of the community, and has brought distinction onto himself and the entire Quinlan Police Department.”